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Financial Planning

Fee-only planning — we offer what you need and disregard what you don’t.

Full Financial Planning

Various components of our financial lives, including cash flow management, education planning, funding retirement, tax strategizing, and insurance selection, are more intertwined than we often realize. Each can affect the other greatly. An integrative solution is therefore crucial for long-term success.

We work using a holistic approach for clients ready to take the reins of their full financial pictures. We help optimize the relationships among all of these individual moving parts through a cohesive plan.  

Full financial planning is a dynamic and ever-evolving process that requires diligence on the part of the planner/advisor and engagement from the client.

The step-by-step Process:

Step 1 - Free Initial Inquiry

Not sure how to start? That's what we're here for. Send us a message now or book a complementary 15-Minute Call to begin the conversation.

Step 2 - Preliminary Data Gathering & Free consultation 

(In person, by phone, or by video call)

You tell us a little more about yourself, your current standing, and ideal outcomes via our Financial Fact Finder form. This includes both quantitative data such as  insurance or bank statements, wills, or trust documents, as well as  qualitative data, such as what you envision your ideal life looking  like. We take time to review it, and then together we schedule a time to talk for approximately 30 minutes about potential strategy, also free of charge. When we meet/talk, we discuss which of our services are appropriate for you, and provide an estimate of the cost. When you choose to move forward, we define the planning scope and timeline, and provide you with a list of additional information that we will need to begin formulating your Personal Financial Plan.

Step 3 - Data Gathering

You provide us with the additional information necessary to build your custom financial plan. This will be client-specific and if you are seeking investment advice, you will be asked to complete a short risk tolerance questionnaire as well. 

Step 4 - Analysis

We refine the information you have provided, conduct research, and analyze various plan scenarios.

Step 5 - Personal Financial Plan Formulation

We draw conclusions and produce your Personal Financial Plan, which includes observations, specific recommendations, and a step-by-step Action Plan tailored to your overall financial well-being.

Step 6 - Presentation and Implementation of Your                         Personal Financial Plan

At our Presentation Meeting, we review your Personal Financial Plan together, including your specific Action Plan. You now hold your own unique blueprint for financial success designed with your financial goals and deepest driving force in mind. You are empowered with clear, succinct Client Action Steps in order to implement your Personal Financial Plan. To keep your cost low, we outline recommendations from a client-action standpoint, but you may always employ us further to help with actual implementation if you wish.

Step 7 - Financial Checkups

Periodic meetings to update data and review progress on your Personal Financial Plan are essential. We can schedule these Review Meetings with you at whatever frequency you think is best. Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Proper implementation of a financial plan and periodic professional review are both crucial to reaching your financial goals. As Sheryl Garrett of Garrett Planning Network says, "It's like the dentist -- come in twice a year for a checkup, and call me if you're in pain." This is your life; you're at the helm, and let's plan together for best possible outcomes!