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When to Start Organizing Your Finances

Whether you think you're too late to save for retirement or you have little to spare, there is always an opportunity to start when it comes to financial planning. The important thing is you'll be much better off than without taking any action. Your future self will thank you. Sankalpa Financial can create, help implement, and monitor complete financial plans integrating the following common areas: retirement planning/funding, budgeting and cash flow, tax optimization, education planning/funding, investment allocation, insurance coverage, and estate planning. Notice that investments, commonly thought to be what most people seek a traditional financial advisor for, represent just one part of the larger, comprehensive financial picture. If a client does not need a full financial plan, I also work in an as-needed capacity at the same flat rate to tackle smaller issues or separate questions. These might include things, such as: How much should I be saving, and in what type of account? When can I retire? Do I pay off debt or save first? What can I do to reduce taxes? What do different portfolio allocations mean? How do I navigate an unsteady market? What difference does it make if I have a will or not?