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The Root Meaning Behind Sankalpa

Unless you've spent time meditating in the Himalayas or taken several yoga classes, you may have never heard the word, 'Sankalpa' before. So, what does it mean, anyway? ‘Sankalpa’ is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to one’s deepest motivation; a powerful resolve; a driving force rooted in the heart. Sankalpa Financial grew out of the belief that holistic financial planning should be accessible to anyone who wants a partner in manifesting the goals that arise from their own unique ‘sankalpa.’ 

My approach when working with a client is to help uncover and illuminate the client's unique driving force. I then teach the client to harness it by using their money to curate their most resonant life. This matters. Every person living at their highest potential inspires and uplifts those around them, thereby cultivating a better existence for all.