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Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

If you read the first post, you may now know the difference between a broker and a financial advisor, including their standards, intentions etc. So, why is it important to choose a financial advisor you’re comfortable with? [Spoiler alert: so they can actually help you.] 

Find someone who upholds your dignity no matter what facts you share with that person. 

We’ve all been there -- in a position of vulnerability, where exposure seems like torture. There’s a way to move through this kind of stuff without feeling like a failure, and it has a lot to do with who we choose to share personal information with.  Think about a financial advisor as you would a healthcare professional: you want someone who can listen to the facts, see your shortcomings and still see who you are as a whole human en route to unlocking your highest potential. All you need is solid guidance from someone who believes in you

If you see a professional who makes you feel like you’ve screwed up beyond repair, or you’re ‘less-than’ because you’ve made mistakes, find someone else. If in the information age data is free, it’s the service that adds value, right? Why pay a premium for someone who delivers facts without heart? Whether it’s a healthcare provider or your financial advisor, find someone with whom you connect and come away from feeling better. After all, health is wealth. 

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