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6 pieces of low-hanging fruit from Warren Buffet.

Billionaire Warren Buffet turned 89 this year; to celebrate, he shared six pieces of wisdom with CNBC, some of which have nothing to do with money. 

1. Marry the right person: "You want to associate with people who are the kind of person you’d like to be. You’ll move in that direction," says Buffet.

2. Invest in yourself: Take care of your body and mind.

3. Associate yourself with 'high-grade people.'

4. Work for people whom you respect: It's not just about the salary.

5. Ignore the noise: "The best strategy, even when the market seems to be tanking, is to keep a level head and stay the course," says Buffet. 

6. Success isn't measured by money: "Being given unconditional love is the greatest benefit you can ever get," says Buffet.

What did we learn? It's not all about money in the end. Feast on these low-hanging pieces of fruit ripe for your taking, and hopefully, begin to see your life shifting toward greater wealth and abundance.