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About Us

Erin Vickery, CFPⓇ Photo

Erin Vickery, CFPⓇ

Financial Planner / Managing Principal

If you’d told me ten years ago that I’d be working in finance today, I would have laughed.

Growing up in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, I was artsy and outdoorsy, and got my undergrad degree in biology with the intent of pursuing a career in holistic wellness — lifelong passions that continue to this day. So how did I get into financial planning? The short answer is: I followed my gut. 

By the time I enrolled in Duke’s CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM) curriculum, I’d been broke more times than I care to admit, wandered my way through a college degree while working, chosen to stay in the service industry because it made more money than using said degree, and bought my first house — all without ever really knowing whether I was making the ‘right’ or ‘best’ choices. I just did the best I could while juggling all the other demands of daily life. Sound familiar? 

Many times along the way, I wished I had someone who I could just ask questions to, and get direct, sound answers from, without having to sift through online articles of questionable legitimacy. When I came across the (CFP) designation, the proverbial lightbulb clicked on. It seemed like the perfect mix of left- and right-brain taskwork: data analytics and strategy to feed my mind, plus the heart-work of meaningful personal service.

Passing the CFPⓇ exam earned me a few years with firms in the Broker-Dealer (commission/sales-based) side of the industry, after which I decided to relocate back to Raleigh to live permanently near my family. At first, starting my own firm wasn’t even a consideration, but by then I knew I had to work in the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) side of the industry. Fee-only RIAs get paid by their clients, rather than by commissions from insurance and investment companies for product placement, and are required to act in a fiduciary capacity. It’s the only structure that gels with me, but it’s the industry minority. So, it was either wait for the right job opportunity, or take the leap and chart my own path.

With the support of local mentors and backing of the Garrett Planning Network, Sankalpa Financial opened its doors in January 2019, ready to serve clients from all walks of life. No minimum asset requirements; no commissions — just holistic, fiduciary advice on an as-needed basis. I still make time for health and wellness, creative outlets, and plenty of outdoor adventuring. But now I thrive on  getting to integrate my passion for service with my daily work of helping clients chart their own best paths forward. 

How may I serve you?